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Why did the chicken cross the road?

She was being chased by col. Sanders

Jokes floating in cyberspace
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Got a funny email at work, and it's so funny you don't want to see it go? Post it here. This community is for everything funny in your inbox. Jokes, Pictures, Limericks, Quotes, News Articles. If it gave you a chuckle share it here.

The Rules - It's not all fun and games

1) No Racism or Bigotry.
2) Pictures behind a cut.
3) If the picture is of sexual nature please put a warning in the cut line. e.g "Not work safe", "Nudity behind cut", or "Sexay pictures this way".
4) All posts must be funny and from your inbox.
5) Advertising of communities is limited to only other funny communities. It has to have at least something in common with this one.

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